Reservation Policy: 

Reservations are required for all classes.

24 hour cancelation policy. No shows will be charged for all pass holders. 

$150 10-Class pass

$20 Kama'aina Drop-in I.D. required

$25 Visitor Drop-in

$90 5-class visitor pass *expires in 2-weeks

Class Descriptions:

OFF HYPE YOGA:  Taking the purpose and foundation of yoga and firing it up with dynamics of dance, O.F.F. original Fat Burning Inferno theories and functional transitions for shaping the feminine shape of the body- long lean muscle, strong core and banging playlists. (*yoga mat and towel required- rentals available at studio) 

OFF HYBRID + HYBRID ELITE: Takes what has been done with spinning and throws it in a blender with fundamental fat burning inferno body changing tools to get REAL RESULTS! *Shoes, Towel, & Water needed. 

OFF D.R.I.P. YOGA: Dynamic Repetition Interval Power Yoga Taking our O.F.F. theories without the feminine feel of OFF HYPE YOGA.  Athletes style intensity utilizing powerful flow, progression of postures with isolations and full body focus. Expect plyometrics/lots of core/plank work and lengthening/strengthening from root to tip.

TRX Power Circuit and TRX Form and Function: Full body focus strength circuits w/ added sequencing for cardio elevation, functional drills, modifiable high to low impact, All levels welcome.  *Shoes and towel required.

TRX Elite: High Intensity Training using intervals of sprint work, drills, plyometrics, Original O.F.F. Theories and maximum calorie and fat burning potential.  Intermediate to advanced levels recommended.*Shoes and towel required.

FBI: "Fat Burning Inferno" - O.F.F. Theory built around the ideal fat burning zone for athletic speed, endurance, agility, flexibility and quick recovery.  All levels welcome. *Shoes and towel required.

O.F.F. 360: The purpose of this class is to work the body in functional rotations, using high repitions and unique movement combinations in order to create a strong, but lean, dancer’s body. We will use various props, including a chair, to provide the ability to work against gravity in various planes of motion. We will work to, and push through, muscle fatigue. And just when you think you’ve had enough, we will finish class with a high-energy dance component. I promise the choreography will be simple! You will be able to let loose and free your mind while keeping your heart rate high and muscles working. Of course, I’ll also give you a thorough dancer’s stretch to keep your lines long and curves sexy. Expect some banging East Coast Hip Hop. Expect to leave elated. Expect to hate me in the morning. *Yoga mat, shoes and towel required.

Reservations are required for all classes. If you are a regular download the app. by clicking on MINDBODY icon below. It will help you track visits and payments! Otherwise CLICK HERE FOR FULL SCHEDULE.